Feetless hearts

You do not believe in love.
You believe in hatred, hypocrisy
in destructions and betrayals
You believe in war, death, crisis,
in tearing and breaking everything apart
in lies and in loss
in looting everything that which I was so confident of having owned.
You do not believe in hearts, butterflies,
Santa Clauses nor starry nights
You do not dream of flying airplanes
nor becoming a bird
You’re an underworld don after all
You do not believe in magic
nor three or thirty words that are magical
You believe in derogatory, abusive
and words that come purely out of hatred
You do not like flowers
nor sweets
of chocolate and yeast
When I’m sweet, I’m your bread spread  
I’m bitter and you store me pickle
You’re a firm believer of treachery
and a lover of poisons
You wear nice clothes
but in no way does that make you nice
You open books
but stare at me
You have no promises nor pledges to take
There’s nothing to hide
and nothing you can share
I’ll burn you with steam of this ice
and you’ll keep staring in my eyes

You were a heart
and I, your feet
out of superficial defeat

 70 feet below do I lie
and higher above, in the sky
In between are you
Trapped as I was
once in your shoe
you took me to the dark,
the darkest of places
where you dissolved, and I
I became a star.


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