Iftar and Miniatures of Paradise

The tastiest foodstuff isn’t on our plate; we are most attracted to things which we are currently deprived of. There are drinks we once had the least interest in and after few sips we could vomit at its mere imagination and still, we drool over them while fasting.

Imagination, a beautiful world we all love to drown ourselves in and hate as we return from it. Both love and hatred are outcomes of the opposite direction of flow of reality and imagination, and both are confident at their respective times leading to conflict and contradiction in our own selves.  This episodic self-conviction for opposing ideas builds belief followed by several destructions and reconstructions until one is fully capable of dominating one pathway.

There are basically four physical states of matter; namely solid, liquid, gas, and plasma; and we assume every state as if it’ll last forever, which leads to excessive pride and depression smoothly sailing at different points of time. Our to-do-lists contain the finished form of work and not the obstacles that we have to fight while trying to attain them. We get frustrated staring at the slow process that shapes us with every passing moment of our lives.

Every single thing, person, place or job that you encounter is a temporary canal for you to lead somewhere. All of this begins with a reference from the past and terminates with you being provided with the address of a new canal. Midway lies the paradise – where you start enjoying each other’s company.

When we sense that a particular entity won’t suffice our cravings, we don’t put it on our plate. All of us, wherever we may be have a predefined notion of paradise at occasions when we feel like that is all we have ever wanted and in a matter of seconds, we are deprived of something else.

There is so much unrest in us that we, with every passing moment, are just increasing our to-do-list instead of actually accomplishing them. No denying that it is a necessity to think of things that we are having a deficiency of but are we strong enough that instead of getting attracted towards them, we nourish ourselves for the gradual process of phase transition?  That we are able to accept ourselves wherever we are at this present moment and breath? We have forgotten what it’s like to smile, along with being happy.

Gratitude doesn’t let you settle with the less nor hinders progress. It doesn’t let you flow with the winds, it makes you the wind; it doesn’t just dampen your parched throat, gratitude also grants you the patience to not consume too much of what is called as ‘miniature of paradise’.


Written in response to the theme ‘Time Management’.

Source of featured image: Mah Nava on Flickr.com

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