Keeping love alive

Lost in thoughts of having noodles, of savoring the taste of its masala and soft texture, you are cleaning the dust-laden showcase and finally surrender to the craving.

As you exit from the kitchen, you realize that you’re still not satisfied. You wanted more. You go and eat the entire big bowl so that you get bored and never think of touching it again.

You just failed to keep your love for noodles alive. And maybe that is why there is love for the sake of which people promise to die because they cannot save each other.

After a few days when you’ve healed from constipation, you start having second thoughts.

 Revenge is a deliberate punishment or injury inflicted in return of what one has suffered. There is great energy in it and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it gets transformed into a form different from what we are capable of seeing. They are eternal stimuli, a blessing. Why end them by feigning to live them completely?

The potential in revenge rounds out to be equal to the potential in temptation and former is a result of the latter and in both situations, the person helplessly transfers himself to a blind alley.

However lazy, careless or irresponsible you may be, when a loved one falls sick, you gather some supernatural power and wake up from your deepest periods of sleep and clean-up their vomit.

This energy is a sign that you’re fighting back as a result of love, pure and unconditional as the pulley and the rope — no matter what, you’ll roll up all the bulk together.

Your brain catches fire, temples turn wet, you take in little air and give it back with heaviness as you hear that someone has attacked your little sister and molested her till death. You obviously want to find the culprit and kill him with your very own hands. The revenge gets over once you do this, but the potential remains.

So here it is, we do not have to bind to the incoming cue such that we become a part of it but entangle ourselves with them in order to fight for (and not against) what our conscience feels as right.  To keep the potential alive and not destroy it artificially, we have to fight with the help of surroundings, people and authorities which cannot be done all alone because man is a social animal and calm is a super-power.


Written in response to the theme: `Potential for Revenge´. 

Source of featured image: Beth Armsheimer

4 thoughts on “Keeping love alive

  1. Simply amazing. I love your thoughts and the results of your thought process i.e., your writings.
    You’ve been blessed with a beautiful skill, keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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