Bribing Paradise

Rain drops
Unlike ideas
Against the gravity,
In favour of peace
Bowl full of noodles
And eyes in tears
Pens on stand
And weapons enchant
Tiny pieces of sand
Moulded by hands
Bubbled at the bottom,
Bursting near autumn
Like flower-pots
But upside down and empty throughout
Bleeding with animosity,
Clotted with algae
Shying out of beauty,
Shameless at duties
Rain bows
Unlike toes
In the sky,
Yet down till earth
Howl full of sympathies,
Bribed with ease
Scent in libraries,
Insect on sheets
Butterflies in the tummy
Eyes plucking lilies
Coloured compassion
White horizons
Showered with dreams,
Empowered with pillows
Savouring scenes
What was never sown,
I was prophesying to reap
Seventy-nine shadows apart
And some seas deep
There resides a plea
Of me and thee
Not wanting to see.


Source of featured image: Avanti Louice Abrahamsson on

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